Update about the land case

Thanks to all of you who have written words of support to us and are wondering about the outcome of the hearing on January 16th, 2023.   We had good reason to believe that this hearing would produce a decision by the Military Committee for Land Registration to recognize our land as privately owned.  However, that was not the case, and another hearing has been set for February 12, 2023.

Despite all of the objectors to our ownership either withdrawing or being dismissed by the committee, and the fact that the representative of the State had never appeared or filed evidence of their claim beyond the 1991 declaration of our property as State land; the committee decided to bring both the Absentee Property Custodian and the family claiming ownership of part of our land back into the re-registration process. This basically returns the re-registration process to its beginnings. 

It is a very difficult time for us, and it is your continuing prayers, greetings and words of affection which help keep our spirits alive.  That, and the fact that visitor groups continue to come – even in January when there are often few – they come to see what is happening in this land we call holy and return to tell our story of steadfastness and the struggle for justice.

As we will be preparing for the session on the 12th of February, we will continue to update you about the next steps and what you can you do to help.

Blessings of the New Year to you all.